News Can your website do that?

Can your website..

  • Can your website tell you who is available to go on the next call, even alerting you when your agency is toned out?
  • Can it allow you to quickly take a poll or ask your entire agency who can help with an assignment?
  • Can it make and receive phone calls and text messages, allowing you to stay connected with your members and the public?
  • Can it earn your department money by allowing for online event ticket sales, donations, and hall rental bookings?

Forest View Volunteer Rescue Squad

The days of static informational websites are long gone. Today's web surfers want dynamic, current content that is formatted to fit their device of choice. They expect an experience more closely resembling a computer program rather than a magazine.

Take Forest View Volunteer Rescue Squad, for example. Along with a fully mobile friendly public website, we built a robust Members Only portal to help keep their members organized.

A custom scheduling system lets them keep track of their shifts and hours, including stand-by event scheduling. Administrative, training, and building & grounds hours are also tracked, helping them stay on top of their annual membership requirements.

We also integrated an email and text messaging system to keep their members in the loop, allowing authorized users to quickly send important announcements and requests for assistance to the entire agency or drill down to groups and individuals.

What about the interacting with the public? Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department, another one of our web development clients, uses our solutions to distribute free smoke detectors. Citizens may either request a detector by calling their web integrated toll free phone number or by completing an online form.

When a request is made on the phone or online, all information is organized in their administrative site for volunteers to review. With one click they are able to call the citizen from the familiar toll free phone number and arrange for scheduling, marking the location on the map and notifying installers of the pending job.

After the detector is installed, members in the field can mark the job as complete and enter the number of detectors installed. Hundreds of life saving smoke detectors have been distributed using this system, all at a low operating cost for the department.

Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department has also been able to increase revenue by selling tickets to their annual Oyster Roast online using our custom built ticketing system. Without leaving their website, visitors can quickly purchase tickets and print a receipt containing a QR code. Upon arrival at the gate, the code is scanned and matched to the purchase - billing details, the number of tickets purchased, and the number of tickets checked in.

More than Websites

At Linked Responder LLC, we don't just build websites. We build complete web based applications, custom tailored to fit your unique needs. We understand the modern world of web development and we love to find innovative solutions for our clients.

Small, all volunteer agency? No problem, we will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget. We believe that all public safety agencies, regardless of their size, deserve access to modern technologies.

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