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Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department

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Site Overview

Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department was one of our first clients. In fact, our founder and CEO ran calls alongside this outstanding agency as a Paramedic in Essex County, Virginia.

We designed a responsive website for TEVFD with elements related to their Recruitment and Retention campaign, including their brand colors and slogan - "Ride With Us." Key features of this site include:

  • Staff Availability - A list of available responders updated in real-time, displayed on the website and on a TV located in their day room. Available responders have the ability to mark as responding to calls as they are dispatched.
  • Dispatch Alert - Real-time notification of 911 calls as they are dispatched via their mobile app ("TEVFD Pager," available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store), text message, and by phone. Calls are also added to their website automatically where they can be linked to news posts.
  • Banquet Hall Reservation
  • Smoke Detector Giveaway - Allows the public to request a free smoke detector online or by calling the department's toll free number, 1-855-90-TEVFD. This feature also includes an admin interface for tracking the number of detectors installed, correspondence with individuals requesting a detector, map of request locations and their status (initial request, scheduled, and completed), and reverse calling from the toll free number to callers for follow-up.
  • Dynamic toll-free phone system - Phone system with a directory, Smoke Detector Giveaway request system, and Officer on Duty.
  • Special Event Ticket Sales - Completely custom and self-hosted online ticket sales for special events, such as the department's annual Oyster Roast. Includes an app for checking in and verifying attendees at the gate.


  • Dispatch Alert

    Real-time notification of 911 calls as they are dispatched, sent via push to a mobile app, SMS, and phone. Calls are also added to the website automatically.

  • Responsive web design

    Responsive Web Design is a technique that makes websites fit the screen that they are being viewed on. Pages will scale to properly fit large screens to small mobile devices.

  • Rostering

    Real-time personnel availability listing, allows personnel to see who is available for the next call. Status can be changed online or via SMS.

  • SMS Announcements

    Group announcements sent via SMS to personnel.

  • Event Tickets

    Allows visitors to purchase event tickets, complete with a check-in system for verifying ticket purchases at the gate.

  • Online Donations

    Allows visitors to make a donation online using a credit card.

  • Members Site

    A secure section of the site exlcusively for members. Typically includes a message board, file library, announcements, text message alert system, and personnel roster.