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Connected Websites

Did you know that your website can have a dial tone? We enable sites to make and receive text messages, multimedia messages, and phone calls. This allows for many configuration possibilities, including:

  • Interactive phone systems - Including directories, voicemail, queues, dial lists (call multiple phone numbers until someone answers), public information hotlines, etc.
  • Text Message Alert systems - Allows authorized users to quickly broadcast a text or multimedia message to all members or specific groups.
  • Real-time Polls - Need to know how many people are available to help with a task? Need to take a quick vote? Simply broadcast your question and watch as responses arrive in real-time.
  • ... and much more!

Use Case: Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department

Tappahannock-Essex VFD

Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department interacts with the public through a custom phone system that we developed, 1-855-90-TEVFD. This number is tied directly into their website, allowing callers to quickly connect to the listed Officer on Duty, call one of their three stations, and even request a free smoke detector.

Phone requests for smoke detectors are stored in the site's database, including caller information and a recorded message. A member then reviews the request, returns the call through the toll free number if needed using a click-to-call button, and schedules an installation date.

TEVFD also broadcasts important announcements via text messaging and receives alerts of 911 calls as they are dispatched. Telecommunication is an essential element of their website, keeping their members and the public connected.